BHP releases Industry association review

BHP today published a report relating to its membership of industry associations which hold an active position on climate and energy policy.  The report, which BHP committed to produce on 18 September 2017, sets out:

  • a list of the material differences between the positions BHP holds on climate and energy policy and the advocacy positions on climate and energy policy taken by industry associations to which BHP belongs; and
  • the outcomes of BHP’s current review of those industry associations.

Twenty-one industry associations were assessed as holding an active position on climate and energy policy, and were included within the scope of the review. The review focused on 10 climate and energy policies identified as being of key importance to BHP, with seven material differences in position identified across three associations:

  • The Minerals Council of Australia (MCA)
  • The United States Chamber of Commerce;
  • The World Coal Association (WCA).

The report sets out the principles which guide the Company’s membership of, and participation in, industry associations, and the methodology employed to identify material differences. It also describes considerations and possible courses of action for BHP where a material difference is identified. Considerations include the likely impact of the material difference on policy debate and the benefits BHP derives from the broader activities of the association, including in areas such as health, safety and environment.

Read more or download the report.