Membership benefits

As a member of Climate Alliance, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Exclusive invitations to seminars and special forums
  • Discounted entry fee to events
  • Invitation to attend our National Conference
  • Opportunity to contribute to events and web site
  • Climate Alliance newsletter
  • The opportunity to vote at Annual General Meetings and stand for a position on the Board

Seminar Series

Members receive exclusive invitations to attend seminars where experts address subjects relevant to Directors and business executives who are planning to respond to the challenges presented by climate change.

Past subjects have included:

  • Opportunities for diversification into new products or services
  • Identification of programs to improve energy efficiency
  • Meeting regulatory compliance requirements and developing effective strategies to address the raft of new legislation coming into force

National Conference

Members will receive an invitation to attend our National Conference. Members will have the opportunity to present their stories and to listen to experts in the field address issues that are of specific interest to the Director and business community. The Climate Alliance Leadership awards will be announced at the National Conference. Sponsors will have the opportunity to offer special awards to individuals and companies that have made notable contributions in the field. (include link to Leadership awards page)

Climate Alliance Newsletter

Members can elect to receive a regular Newsletter that details the work of Climate Alliance and highlights important forthcoming events. The Newsletter also contains success stories and links to useful information on activities overseas.