Board of Directors

Climate Alliance is governed by a Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is guided by a Board of Advisors, each of whom has been selected for their breadth of experience and knowledge in the area of climate change and sustainability.

Hendrik Karsten
Chairman of the Board

Hendrik came to Australia in 1988 on a working holiday visa and never returned to the Netherlands to live. He has always been involved in the hospitality industry and management of several restaurants and function venues in Melbourne before starting Karstens conference and training centre. He was a board member of the Restaurant and Catering Association from 2004 till 2006 and did post graduate studies at the Victorian University to obtain a graduate diploma in hospitality management.  He is aware that our consumption orientated live style is not sustainable and that action is needed to become a more sustainable society. Hendrik is a director of Climate Alliance.

Climate Alliance Chairman of the Board, Hendrik Karsten

Ben Scheltus
CEO and Executive Director

Ben Scheltus has a broad background in engineering, economic evaluation, IT, energy systems and business development - in Europe and Australia. Ben has worked in the chemical, information technology and education industries. He has successfully run his own business for many years. For ten years he held a position as a Director of a large private school. He has a particular interest in the practice of good governance and has assisted a number of companies improve their system of IT governance. He currently provides business continuity consulting for medium to large firms. He has a long-standing interest in the environment - in particular energy systems and more efficient methods of generating power. Ben has an Engineering degree from Monash University. He is a director and CEO of Climate Alliance.

Climate Alliance CEO and Executive Director, Ben Scheltus

Dr Harold Chua

Dr Chua was born in Singapore and lived in Malaysia for most of his childhood.  He came to Australia to live in the late 70’s, and attended high school at Ivanhoe Grammar. He finished his medical degree at the University of Melbourne in 1988. A property developer, he also has interests in the medical and hospitality fields as well as the environment. Harry is a director of Climate Alliance.

Climate Alliance Director, Harold Chua

Arjun Surapaneni

Arjun was born and lived in India until 1991. Arjun enjoyed nature’s bounties of the thick Burmese Jungles, rich flora and fauna of North Eastern India, of Lower Himalayas and the Upper Himalayas as a young Indian Army Officer before thrown in to the concrete jungle of Los Angles as a young entrepreneur. Arjun came to Australia to visit his consulting team in Perth in 1997 and travelled to Sydney and Melbourne and chose to live in the garden state of Australia since then. Arjun has business interests in Education and Information Technology and a strong advocate of anti-consumerism. Arjun is a director of Climate Alliance.

Climate Alliance Director, Arjun Surapaneni