About us

Climate Alliance Limited is a not-for-profit, membership-based company that engages with business leaders to help them become better informed about the opportunities and risks presented by climate change.

Since 2009, we have run conferences addressing a range of topics of interest to the business community. They have tackled issues such as director fiduciary risk, carbon accounting, energy efficiency, business continuity and the risks associated with investments in the fossil fuel industry. 

In addition, we have run a very successful program that recognises business leadership in the Australian business community. The Climate Alliance Leadership program identifies Boards, executives, innovative companies and Company Secretaries and ensures that they are appropriately recognised.

What do we offer?

There's lots of information out there about climate change. Our primary focus is to inform the business community. We do this by offering:

  • Newsletters
    Our regular newsletter focuses on current developments that impact the business community.
  • News items
    We scour the web for relevant news and make these items available in one easy place.
  • National conference
    Our annual conference provides you with an opportunity to hear business leaders speak about many important and climate-change related topics.
  • Leadership awards
    Announced at our National Conference, the Leadership Awards recognise businesses and individuals that have addressed the challenges presented by climate change.
  • In-depth articles
    Our Board of Advisors and other experts regularly write articles on climate change related issues and how they impact business.
  • Seminars
    Each year, we host seminars on various topics that address specific climate change issues.
  • Networking opportunities
    Our conferences and seminars give business leaders the opportunity to learn from each other.

Who are you?

Are you an Australian business leader keen to: 

  • Help your company gain a competitive advantage through early identification of new trends?
  • Manage the risks from climate change?
  • Voluntarily reduce your company's carbon footprint?

Then you need impartial information to help guide you through the plethora of information and range of alternative solutions (much of which is couched in jargon or technical language).

You will also need contacts within the business community who have already gained valuable experience that may benefit you.

How we can help

Become a member and we do the hard work for you, by:

  • Providing you with the information you need

Our regular newsletters are full of independent, business-oriented articles that help business leaders, like you, become better informed.

The newsletters also contain practical real-life examples of Australian and international companies that have successfully taken action to improve efficiencies and manage their risk.

  • Introducing you to other business leaders

Climate Alliance organises a range of events where business leaders can exchange experiences and ideas. These include regular seminars that address climate change issues specifically of interest to the business community, as well as our annual National Conference.

These events provide Directors and executives with the opportunity to meet others who have been 'early adopters' and are willing to share their experience and knowledge with others.