Climate Alliance 2018 Business Leadership Award Winners

Board Leadership of the Year Award 2018

Bank Australia Limited (sponsored by Fujitsu)

Selection panel comment: "Bank Australia’s Board has shown strong and continuing leadership in the Australian banking sector on the issue of climate change. The bank was chosen for reaffirming its longstanding commitment to positive environmental impact through issuing a three year $125m sustainability bond; partnering on the Melbourne Renewable Energy Project; and continued Board engagement with business leaders through a series of events with Paul Hawken on the ambitious Project Drawdown."

Board Leadership of the Year Award 2018

Carlton & United Breweries (sponsored by Fujitsu)

Selection panel comment: "Carlton & United Breweries is a consumer goods organisation that is taking concrete steps to improve its sustainability performance. It was chosen for its public commitments around carbon emissions reduction, including the establishment of a 12 year Power Purchase Agreement for Renewable energy; solar PV installations at each of their breweries; and appointment of full time resources within their procurement team to focus on sustainability and adopting sustainable targets for their Executive Leadership Team."

Innovator/Exporter of the Year Award 2018

ShineHub Pty Limited (sponsored by Energy Queensland)

Selection panel comment: "ShineHub was selected for enabling the mass adoption of solar and battery storage in Australia while supporting local communities. They’ve done this by creating a bespoke software solution that powers their Community Solar Programs, launching the Australian first Fixed Rate Plan, and donating over $100,000 to non-profits and community organisations who have participated in a Community Solar Programs in the last year. ShineHub has also created software to power Australia’s first cloud based virtual power plant which will enable people to connect to Sydney’s biggest virtual power plant free of charge. This is part of their overall plan to replace Big Energy with Community Solar.”

Business Leader of the Year Award 2018

Sanjeev Gupta, Executive Chairman and CEO, GFG Alliance (sponsored by Ashurst)

Selection panel comment: "Sanjeev is a global leader who has consistently applied sound economic and environmental principles to the risks and opportunities of climate change. He has invested in multiple renewable energy projects and sustainability projects, most notably the innovative GreenSteel project in Whyalla involving the Cultana Solar Farm; and SIMEC Zen as a new business model of renewable energy generator, consumer and retailer, purchasing solar power from northwest Victoria and securing the South Australia government as a customer."

Business Leader of the Year Award 2018

Fiona Simson, President, National farmers’ Federation (sponsored by Ashurst)

Selection panel comment: "Fiona was chosen for her continued work in mainstreaming climate change as a focus into the policies and practices of the NFF, including adopting its first policy supporting climate change action. Fiona has been a strong, responsible public advocate for effective action on climate change for and from the agricultural community, and to help resolve the national energy trilemma around affordability, reliability and lower emissions."

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