2015 Business Leadership Award winners

Board Leadership of the Year Award 2015

Clean Energy Finance Corporation
Selection panel comment: "This start-up financial corporation could best be described as having an ‘active’ board – meeting 23 times in their first 12 months of operation! In its 3 years of operation, CEFC has helped accelerate $3.5 billion in total investment towards a competitive clean energy economy."

Innovator of the Year 2015

Ergon Energy
Selection panel comment: "By continually developing innovative services and being a market leader, Ergon epitomises the essence of leadership. It has undertaken a number of projects to test new and innovative technologies to prepare the company for the anticipated technological changes coming to the electricity supply industry."

Company Secretary of the Year 2015

Alan Evans, Company Secretary, Hydro Tasmania
Selection panel comment: "Alan is a 10-year contributor to Hydro Tasmania’s 100 years of renewable energy and passionate about driving practical actions to address climate change."

Special recognition - Business Leader of the Year 2015

Winner - Paul Edwards, Group General Manager, Sustainability & HSE, Mirvac
Selection panel comment: "Mirvac operates in a market that already achieves very high sustainability standards. To perform above this already high standard demonstrates exceptional leadership skills."

Special recognition - Simon Corbell, Deputy Chief Minister of the ACT
Selection panel comment: "By taking aggressive action to reduce the emissions of the ACT and to set a 90% renewable energy target (by 2020), Mr Corbell has demonstrated that ambitious targets are achievable and financially viable."

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Special recognition - James Thier
Selection panel comment: "James has a long history of starting initiatives that address environmental, social and ethical investment issues. He founded Australian Ethical Investment and more recently helped establish Future Super."