Board of advisors

Our Board of Advisors is appointed to provide the Board of Directors with critical perspective and insight into the rapidly changing field of climate change.

Members of the Board of Advisors have been drawn from a broad cross-section of industry and academia. They have a particular interest in climate change adaptation, energy efficiency, renewable energy and risk mitigation strategies for business.

Tara Allsop

Tara Allsop brings significant strategy, transformation and senior management experience to Climate Alliance, along with broad expertise within sustainability and climate change. She has held senior in-house roles as a sustainability leader and she has consulted on sustainability and climate change within Big Four consulting firms. In 2008, Tara founded a national sustainability consultancy with a client base of ASX-listed firms, FMCG companies, government organisations and SMEs. Tara currently holds a corporate strategy role within a global organisation. Tara is a past Chairperson of the Board of Advisors.

Climate Alliance Board of Advisors member, Tara Allsop

Liz Bossley

Liz Bossley is the author of ‘Climate Change and Emissions trading: What Every Business Needs to Know’, and is a recognised expert in the emissions trading industry. She is a member of the UK treasury’s carbon market expert group and an adviser to the City of London. In addition to this book she has written “Emissions Trading and the City of London” and the policy document “UK Emissions Policy Options” for the City of London. She is a regular speaker on international platforms in the U.K, Europe, Africa, the U.S.A, the Far East and Australia. She has thirty years’ industry experience and is the CEO of the Consilience Energy Advisory Group Ltd.

Climate Alliance Board of Advisors member, Liz Bossley

Lloyd Fleming

Lloyd Fleming is Finance Director for Common Purpose, a global leadership training organisation headquartered in London. He has worked in finance, energy and sustainability in Australia and the United Kingdom and has many years’ experience advising at Board, CEO and senior executive level. He has a strong understanding of, and experience in helping companies create value from emerging social and environmental trends.

Climate Alliance Board of Advisors member, Lloyd Fleming

Alex Frankel

Alex Frankel is Director at Frankly, a Melbourne based research and communications firm. He is one of Australia’s foremost communications strategists. He has extensive experience working with, NGOs, corporations and political parties. Prior to founding Frankly, Alex was a General Manager at the Labor polling firm that conducted the communications research culminating in the naming of Australia’s “Clean Energy” legislation. In recent years, he has conducted polling, focus groups and directed narrative strategy for the Australian Greens. He has a keen interest in the role of business and the opportunities presented by the shift to clean energy. 

Dr Turlough Guerin

Dr. Turlough Guerin is the Chairman of the Board of Advisors. He has over 15 years board level experience in community engagement, primary industry, sustainable transport, risk & governance, and heavy industry. He is a non-executive director of Bioregional Australia and the Australian Institute of Agriculture, and a Board Advisor to Australia’s largest community broadcast media organisation. In an executive capacity he has had hands-on as well as strategic environmental management roles with Chevron, Shell, Rio Tinto, Telstra and most recently managed planning and compliance requirements for construction of Australia’s largest utility-scale solar PV power stations in NSW for First Solar.

Climate Alliance Board of Advisors member, Dr Turlough Guerin

Ric Hallgren

Ric Hallgren M.Sc, B.Com. has extensive experience and expertise in large scale IT solutions and services in top 500 companies. His focus has been on establishing the business benefits of IT, troubleshooting major business outages and optimising the bottom line results of IT implementations.  Ric was a Director and General Manager of a Professional Services firm, and a management consultancy specializing in Service Improvement, Operational Excellence, Supply Chain and IT Service Management. In the Carbon context, Ric’s focus is on the intersection of carbon and sustainability initiatives, and the introduction of supporting processes and technology. He is a past Chairman of the Board of Advisors.

Climate Alliance Board of Advisors member, Ric Hallgren

Mary Ingamells

Mary is a psychologist, writer, consultant and coach.  She has held senior roles in Human Resources, Organisational Development and management consulting. With a successful track record creating environments to optimise performance, Mary has broad experience in financial services, government, hospitals, universities, research institutes, agriculture, retail, sales and distribution. Mary works with clients to help them optimise their ability to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives in a world where many have lost touch with their sense of purpose and the understanding that we are an integral part of our environment. Her focus is on the development of the whole person, exploring multiple perspectives and gaining greater wisdom in decision-making.  She has trained in science, arts, education and business and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society College of Organisational Psychologists.  Mary has a strong interest in leadership, corporate responsibility, sustainability and the environment.

Climate Alliance Board of Advisors member, Mary Ingamells

Adjunct Professor Alan Pears AM

Alan Pears is an Adjunct Professor at RMIT University and Associate Director of the RMIT Centre for Design. He is a Director of the environmental consultancy Sustainable Solutions. Alan is one of Australia’s leading specialists on energy efficiency programs and policy, as well as renewable energy and green buildings. He has worked for governments, business and community groups across all sectors. He was awarded a Centenary Medal for his contribution to climate change policy. In 2009 he became a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) based on his work in this field. He is a Board Member of EcoBuy, a not for profit organization focused on green purchasing.

Climate Alliance Board of Advisors member, Professor Alan Pears

Alison Rowe


Alison Rowe is the CEO of Moreland Energy Foundation Limited. She has been in the sustainability field for over 12 years with global responsibility for strategy development, program design and delivery, product development, consulting, marketing and advocacy. Alison is also the Chair of the Future Business Council and a Non-Executive Director of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council Australia, Climate Alliance and Public Utility Challenge. She completed the Business and Environment program at Cambridge, holds an MBA and Post Graduate Diploma in Technology Management and is a Williamson Fellow.  Alison was Climate Alliance Business Leader of the Year in 2013 and is renowned globally for her public speaking.

Taimur Siddiqi

Taimur Siddiqi is a co-founder and director of The Incus Group, a consultancy dedicated to helping organisations create, measure and report the social impact of their work. He has worked with EY, Net Balance and WheatonBeer as a sustainability services professional and consulted to a range of not-for-profit, government and corporate organisations on how to measure, manage and improve their social and environmental performance. 

Taimur has previously worked with NGOs in the environment and international development fields and organised Round Square conferences in Bangladesh on environmental challenges and sustainable technological solutions in 2010 and 2012. Taimur is a member of the Australasian Evaluation Society and holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Environment from the University of Melbourne, where he focussed on climate policy, environmental risk & management and sustainable development.

Climate Alliance Board of Advisors member, Taimur Siddiqi

Mary Voice

Mary Voice has been involved in weather and climate education throughout her career. Mary lectures in climate change and provides consultancy services in climate and climate-related environmental matters.  She is a former head of the National Climate Centre (NCC) of the Bureau of Meteorology which provides climate services to the Australian community, manages the national climate record and also contributes to the Australian effort for the Assessment Reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Internationally, she was a member of the Advisory Working Group for the Commission for Climatology of the World Meteorological Organisation.  She is a Fellow of the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (AMOS), an independent professional society representing the atmospheric and oceanographic sciences in Australia, and currently its national President.

Climate Alliance Board of Advisors member, Mary Voice